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“With suit and respect”… If you are a graduate or even a student for a new job with a salary of £8,500, something to be happy about… All qualifications are available for youth and sport

For graduates and students… new vacancies from “Youth and Sport” with a salary of up to £8,500. Job vacancies are available for graduates and students of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as the ministry always continues to provide new job opportunities for fresh graduates and youth to reduce the unemployment rate facing the country, and provide them with lucrative salaries where young people long for. The high cost of living that all countries are currently facing continues, but to apply for these jobs you must familiarize yourself with the main conditions and documents required to accept a new job.

Jobs available at the Ministry of Youth and Sports

There are vacancies available for young people, offered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, with lucrative salaries ranging up to £8,500. These are excellent opportunities for graduates and students, which is why the ministry offers the following jobs:
There is an empty job, which is a team member, next to the delivery person job. These jobs are offered by the ministry and the workplaces are located in more than one region. These courses can be found in Greater Cairo, the Settlements, Giza Governorate, Al-Haram and October. These different places help many people to work there because they are available in different… Places.

Conditions for applying for jobs available in the Ministry of Youth and Sports

To apply for the two jobs mentioned earlier, you must meet the conditions set by the labor authorities so that you can be easily hired into the job, namely:
It is not necessary for the applicant to have a high qualification. Instead, one can apply with an intermediate qualification or by accepting students for the position. The applicant must be between 18 and 35 years old. The authority responsible for employment does not do this. determine the gender of the employee, but rather accepts men and women.
Benefits and rights of available jobs, and when and how to apply
There are many benefits to these jobs, including determining the salary based on the position. The private labor authority also provides a daily meal for workers, in addition to providing transportation in some chains. The company also provides transportation and is from the nearest point to the ring road. It is distinguished by the number of working hours, namely 9 hours. It gives a weekly day off and offers… Employees have social insurance and health insurance.
As for how to apply and the specific date for the job, you must visit the Americana Company website in Giza, fill out the form and go directly to the company on October 19 at the address: Faisal 3 in front of Koshary Halawa Zaman, next to the Al Hamad Mosque, from 11am to 4pm.

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